Syringes with needle 1ml 25G without...

Syringes with needle 1ml 25G without safety, 100 units

syringes with needle 1 ml 25G without safety. Perfect for the Covid 19 vaccination program.

  • Quantity: 100 units
  • Transparent color
  • Availability: on request
VAT excluded


The syringes are available in 1ml with a 23G or 25G cannula, which is perfect for the Covid 19 vaccination program. Low-waste syringes have cannulas directly attached to the syringes like insulin syringes.

The dead space between the cannula and the rubber has been minimized to 1.3%. When comparing this to the market average of> 10%, then this means that an average of 10% more can be vaccinated due to less drug residues and residues. Syringes are ETO sterilized and for single use only. They are individually blister packed in boxes of 100 pieces.

  • Suitable for the COVID-19 vaccination program
  • Cannulas attach directly to syringes like insulin syringes
  • Minimum dead space between cannula and rubber
  • Reduce drug waste and waste
  • Shelf life 5 years
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