Store delivery

"Distribuciones Bauza" offers you the option of picking up your order at our own facilities, located at Av. Del Cister nº43, Local 2 - 07010, Secar de la Real, Balearic Islands.

Send conditions

Shipments will be made to:

Peninsular Spain

Balearic Islands

The shipment will be made by the express courier company Nacex.

The postage will be free on orders over € 300. In the rest of the cases, the price of the postage will be:

Peninsula: € 6

Islands: € 6

The courier company usually delivers during business hours, so if you have any time preference for delivery, you can indicate it in the order comment and we will try to comply (to the extent of the route and schedule possibilities of the delivery company). transportation).

Delivery times

The delivery time is shown during the purchase process, and implies your acceptance of it.

In the event of non-compliance with delivery times, you must indicate an additional period appropriate to the circumstances that caused the initial delay. In the event that we are unable to deliver the property within that additional period, you may terminate the contract. In the event that the delivery period is essential in view of all the circumstances that concur in the conclusion of the contract or when you have informed us, before the purchase, that delivery before a certain date or on a specific date is essential determined. In such cases, you can terminate the contract immediately.

In any case, if the contract is terminated, the amounts paid will be reimbursed in full.

In the event that the User buys a product that has not yet gone on sale, but which already has a launch date, the delivery deadlines will be provisional and modifiable, and will be subject to the number of units per product that the suppliers have in every moment. In this case, we will contact you to inform you of the variations suffered in said products, as well as the possibility of terminating the contract.

In some cases there may be a shortage of stock. Our staff will contact you to give you a solution and to inform you of the delivery time once the selected product is available, or to cancel the contract if you wish.

IMPORTANT: In general, we are not responsible for the breach or delay of obligations that are due to causes beyond our control, such as force majeure (confinement due to a state of alarm, for example), natural disasters, strikes, accidents, etc. . Should an incident arise, we will contact you to solve the incident.

Prices, taxes, fees and duties

The prices are expressed in Euros. The prices of “Distribuciones Bauza” products may vary, but possible changes will not affect orders for which a Shipping Confirmation has already been sent.

The final price of the products purchased may vary according to the applicable taxes in each case, or depending on the shipping address and profile of the buyer (private or professional). For informational purposes, except in those activities not subject to or exempt from VAT, the following taxes will apply to the articles on our website:

The price of the articles includes VAT.

Cancellation of accounts and service, cancellation and blocking

User accounts are not deleted for lack of use. The User can unsubscribe by requesting the same from the staff of "Distribuciones Bauza", sending an email to 

In the event of non-payment of an order, it may be temporarily suspended until the situation of non-payment has been resolved by the User. If more than 15 days have elapsed, "Distribuciones Bauza" may proceed to cancel the order.

"Distribuciones Bauza" reserves the right to block access to the User account without prior notice (or directly delete the User account), if it is used in an illegal way or does not comply with the obligations and rules established herein, a fact that will be communicated via email. The blocking or elimination of the User account will have no effect on the obligation to pay for the products purchased, if applicable.

In exceptional cases, under the free discretion of the administrators of "Distribuciones Bauza", and evaluating the seriousness of the fact, the administrators may choose to warn the offending User, before eliminating or blocking his account definitively.

By registering as a User, you agree that the owners of this site reserve the right, being able to act at any time and without prior notice, to modify or discontinue this website and its services, or to delete data provided, either from temporarily or permanently.


At "Distribuciones Bauza" we wish you satisfaction with your order. Therefore, we provide you with several methods to make the return.